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Jofemar Electromobility is the division of the Jofemar Corporation specialised in the design, development and implementation of innovative electromobility systems and battery packs. Founded in 2009, after the success of the first vending machine powered by hydrogen battery and as a result of the Corporation's commitment to renewable energy and electromobility, it is dedicated to the transformation of combustion engine vehicles into 100% electric ones and to the development and supply of battery packs for electromobility and microgrids.



<p class="contenido">Development of electronic circuits to control and manage the good use of the cells, as well as to reduce cell maintenance cost and to maximize their cyclability. &nbsp;<a href="/en/electromobility/products/electronics">[+info]</a></p>
Battery Packs and PDU
<p class="contenido">The LiZell systems are completely customisable and adaptable to the specific needs of each client. They ensure high performance and cost effective solutions for your electric mobility.&nbsp;<a href="/es/electromobility/productos/battery-packs">[+info]</a></p>
Charge poles
<p class="contenido">Development of bidirectional charging points for electric vehicles, featuring V2G technology and fitted to allow autonomous management of its energy consumption.&nbsp;<a href="/en/electromobility/products/charge-poles">[+info]</a></p>