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Heavy Duty

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The battery packs are designed to be easily scalable, thus enabling the creation of packs with a higher capacity and voltage.


They also include a predictive-adaptive algorithm to determine the SOC and SOH. 

Optional inclusion of a system log to ascertain the evolution of the pack. 

Available with different communication protocols such as CAN, RS232 and others. 

The pack is designed to withstand vibration and to work in humid environments.

Jofemar packs feature safety systems to ensure that the pack will disconnect automatically if the battery is in danger.

They include an isolation monitor to ensure that there is at least 500 Ohm/v resistance between the chassis and voltage points of the traction batteries.

All power connectors feature a HVIL system to ensure that the connectors are properly connected before the safety relays can be closed.

They also include an external fuse that can be disconnected when carrying out maintenance work and for safer transportation of the packs.

They are designed to work with regenerative braking in order to increase battery autonomy and performance.


We use the latest battery technology to reduce charge cycles to as low as 30 minutes.

The packs may include liquid cooling and thermal management systems to ensure that the temperature of the cells is ideal at all times.

The architecture is designed to be flexible and so that the capacity and voltage of the packs is easily scalable. 

They have been tested for compliance with EMC requirements such as R10.

IP67 or IP6K9K protection rating available for the drawer.


Any queries you may have will be handled by our dedicated battery pack development team. They will provide prompt and professional responses to your questions.

Possibility of mass producing the pack.