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The Power Distribution Unit has been designed to be used in vehicles as well as in the industrial environment. It has been designed as a compact device with all the necessary elements to guarantee the security of all the systems connected to the pack independently. Each outlet has its own High Voltage (HV) connector with an HVIL system to guarantee the security of the operators during maintenance operations. The security elements that, in case of failure, must act are in this box; thus, maintenance is very centralized, and easy and comfortable to do.


Technical features:


  • HVIL system for each connector.
  • Power relays with weld control.
  • Precharge system to charge HV condensers voltage.
  • Discharge system to quickly reduce the HV bus condensers voltage.
  • Independent fuse for each component.



  • Customisable system with capacity to control several parallel strings and guarantee the security of all the systems installed in the HV bus (DC/DC, charger, inverter, heating, AC...).
  • Connectors of up to 600 Amp and 1000VDC, with HVL system and IP67 protection class.
  • Compact and light design.