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Jofemar Corporation’s division specialized in the design, production and sale of automated dispensing and sales solutions, payment systems, telemetry and management software for the vending market. With an industrial facility located in Peralta (Navarra) and a Research and Development Centre integrated by the best professionals, Jofemar manufactures with in-house technology for customers worldwide and is one of the main leaders in its sector. It integrates two other brands, Sentil and V2C, through which it operates vending and PPE dispensing machines all over Spain. The structure is completed by Futura, specialized in the catering industry, and Imersivo, which is developing the first operational system for retailers that can be connected to multiple services to interact with the brand.



This is the division of Jofemar Corporation specialised in energy storage and efficiency. Located at the Group's headquarters in Navarra, Jofemar Energy develops and manufactures zinc-bromide redox flow batteries, integrated systems for energy storage for microgrids and comprehensive solutions for storage and optimisation of electric consumption. In addition, it works on the integration of electric vehicles on smartgrids.


It is the division of Jofemar Corporation dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of medical devices. Using the most innovative technologies, Jofemar Health manufactures and supplies the company DAVALOR Salud the EVA system, a revolutionary system for the diagnosis and treatment of functional vision problems. These medical devices allow carrying out thorough and accurate measurements through experiences with true 3D gaming, detecting up to 75 parameters of vision in just 5 minutes.

In the mid-term, Jofemar Health will design, manufacture and sell medical devices for different applications.

Global Services

This is the division of Jofemar Corporation dedicated to providing technical support and after-sales service to customers of the different divisions of the Jofemar Corporation. The company operates all over Spain, which allows to provide an overall customer service for those established in different locations. Internationally, Jofemar Global Services provides services in the main countries through its own personnel and a wide network of distributors.


This division of Jofemar Corporation is specialised in the design, development and implementation of innovative electromobility systems and battery packs. Founded in 2009 after the success of the first vending machine powered by an hydrogen battery and as a key pillar in the Corporation's commitment to renewable energies, it is dedicated to the transformation of combustion engine vehicles into 100% electric vehicles as well as to the development and supply of battery packs for electromobility.