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Want to be part of our company?

For Jofemar Corporation, our people is our most important asset, and therefore we believe in and are committed to your professional development and future. We have a highly qualified, motivated, committed and innovative workforce, something essential for the excellent implementation of their different responsibilities.


What are we looking for?


At Jofemar, our activities are geared towards excellence and sustainable development, something we can only achieve thanks to you.


Because PEOPLE are what we're looking for.


The most valued qualifications in our selection processes are those focused on our main areas of activity:


  • Vending.
  • Electromobility.
  • Energy.
  • Health.
  • Services.


If you believe in teamwork, you love innovation, you enjoy new challenges and have a passion for the projects we develop... Jofemar Corporation is your project. YOU are Jofemar Corporation.

Job vacancies

We have no available job vacancies at the moment.