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At Jofemar, we understand Corporate Social Responsibility as our contribution to sustainable development and as the best tool to generate value through confidence between our interest groups. That allows to guarantee sustainability and excellence and to make our commitments coherent.

Step by step, we are aligning CSR with our strategic objectives, our mission and all our business lines in order to achieve a shared value. Its application and development affects the entire value chain, relying on the support and involvement of all members of the organisation.

Our commitments

  • To improve the implementation of our activities in terms of environmental respect, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety.
  • To implement over the next few years, processes that reduce massive consumption of raw materials and non-renewable energies. We innovate in order to develop new technologies, products and services that favour both efficient and sustainable management of resources as well as the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.
  • To encourage the development and usage of sustainable environmental technologies.
  • To invest, innovate, research, develop and sell environmentally friendly and sustainable technological solutions and to encourage, through projects currently in progress, the fight against climate change.
  • To encourage innovation.
  • Production and business excellence. Maximum customer’s satisfaction.
  • Protection of the Group's intellectual capital.
  • To promote integration.
  • To support socially responsible practices in every country in which we operate.