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Telemetry & Management Software

J-SUITE Tabaco Lite, is a solution specifically designed for the tobacco sector and with which operators can automate machine configurations, view sales and stock information, manage operational and administrative technical alerts, or design and manage routes etc. Developed entirely on the web, using AJAX technology, the new platform is accessible from the web browser, has a responsive design adaptable to all market formats (mobile, tablet etc ...) and offers maximum security in data storage. In addition, it has the possibility to integrate with other platforms.


J-SUITE Tobacco Lite stands out for providing users with a complete management of all their machines, in addition to allowing them to achieve an optimization of logistics processes, a significant reduction in costs, greater control of accounts, fast and efficient access to detailed reports of machines, grouped sales (by different categories) or even sales statistics with second options.






The Compendia system is an integral solution specifically designed to cover the needs of product dispensing control through a user identifier. It can be applied to different locations, including sports clubs, hotels or study and work centers. With this system it is possible to automate all the transactions carried out in these contexts, offering total traceability in real time and allowing customization of the consumption possibilities. The management of the system is done through a centralized server that maintains the integral control of the transactions and that allows access to the data from the central location or remotely. Communication with all the sites is done in real time or periodically, depending on the needs of the project. In this way we get a fast and accurate management of all services.